Description of issuing the certifikate of the disabled




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Administrative service code



Administrative service version

Version 3


Administrative service name

Issuing the certificate of the disabled


Administrative service description 

Since 1 January 2006 the Certificates of the Disabled are issued and replaced by territorial divisions of DWCAO, where the decisions on the capacity for work level or the disability level of the individual are made.  

The certificate shall be replaced, if:

  • The certificate holder has a different name, surname;
  • The old certificate has become unsuitable for use;
  • The certificate contains inaccurate records;
  • The certificate is lost;
  • New certificate issued.


Legal acts applying to the provision of the administrative service

Order No. V-148 by the Director the DWCAO from 15 November, 2018 On approval of the inventory of the procedure for issuing and replacing the certificate of a disabled person.



Information and documents to be submitted by the individual

An individual who wants to replace the certificate must submit the following documents:

  • An application to replace the certificate, specifying the reason for the replacement; 
  • A personal identification document or its copy certified in an established manner;
  • 1 photo ( 3x4 cm);
  • The old certificate. 

If the certificate is being changed because its holder has changed his/her forename (forenames), surname, the old certificate became unusable, the certificate contains inaccurate entries, in such the case the person must return the old certificate within 10 working days following the date of receipt of a new certificate.


Information and documents to be received by the institution (the officer analysing the application)



Administrative service provider

DWCAO territorial divisions


Administrative service head

Heads of DWCAO territorial divisions


Administrative service duration

Duplicates of Certificates of the Disabled shall be issued within 5 working days after the day of submitting all the documents to DWCAO.


Administrative service fee

The service is free of charge.


Application form

A free-form application shall be drawn.


Last updated: 29-07-2019