Documents required

The referral to the DWCAO, issued by the doctor treating an individual and other medical documents are valid for 60 calendar days – during this period of time an individual needs to submit them to the DWCAO.

The following documents are to be submitted for the disability level assessment:

  • A completed referral to DWCAO;
  • Medical analyses (instrumental, laboratorial) extracts, conclusions of consulting physicians proving the disease gravity and diagnosis or their copies, as well as character of bodily malfunctions and gravity, extracts of the Clinical hospital treatment record (form No. 003/a), Personal health records (form No. 025/a);

Additional documents describing the nature of bodily dysfunctions:

  • informing about the Barthel index, the functional independence measure test, the pain assessment scale, the muscular condition assessment, the degree of mobility dysfunction in case of mobility disorders;
  • informing about the personal intellectual coefficient (IQ); the completed Mini Mental Test, a psychological personality analysis, the ones proving the degree of mental handicap, behavioral, emotional, will and other disorders, in case of mental diseases and disorders;
  • informing about special control analyses proving visual and/or hearing disorders;
  • the language analysis test, in case of language dysfunction;

Documents may be submitted by:

  • Individual’s parents (foster-parents), guardians or caretakers;
  • A doctor treating the patient, if the documents are in an electronic form.

Individual’s parents (foster parents), guardians or caretakers may additionally submit the following documents:

  • An application to assess the disability level (for the individuals under 18 years old) (an application may be filled in by arriving to the DWCAO or by filling in an online application form and printing it out;
  • A personal identification document of a person for whom the disability level is assessed (passport of the Republic of Lithuania or passport, ID card or permission to live in the Republic of Lithuania) and (or) birth certificate, a personal identification document of an authorised person (passport of the Republic of Lithuania or passport, ID card or permission to live in the Republic of Lithuania) except for the cases when such a service is provided through e-Government system, and application on the assessment of the disability leve is filled in online;
  • If applicable, a certificate of a Pedagogical-Psychological Service or Educational Service regarding the primary/ repeated pedagogical-psychological assessment of special educational needs (except for needs arising due to exceptional abilities) applying pedagogical, psychological, medical and social pedagogical aspects listed in the description of order confirmed by the Order No. V-1775 of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania dated on 30 September 2011;
  • 1 photo ( 3x4) cm;

If documents are submitted by caretakers (guardians), a personal identification document (passport of the Republic of Lithuania or passport, ID card or permission to live in the Republic of Lithuania) of the caretaker (guardian) are to be additionally submitted.

Copies of submitted personal documents may be certified by the DWCAO specialists. This requires having original copies of personal documents.

If the documents are sent by registered mail, copies of the personal documents must be notarised, or certified by an elder or a consular officer of the Republic of Lithuania.

Last updated: 30-05-2019